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Toptubes butyl inner tube are designed of high-quality and high-adhesive rubber compound, presented excellent airtightness, less inflation frequency, protect and extend the tyre service life. Advantage of aging resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, applicable in variety condition of high and low temperature. General shelf life lasted 2-3 times longer than natural rubber tube.

Available Sizes

Toptyres cares greatly about the safety of our customers and in all instances recommended tyres and tube be fitted by a reputable “tyre service”.  Any damage to a product during the fitting process is not a warrantable or returnable issue. Please read the sidewall of any tyre or contact the manufacturer for inflation pressure of your tyres or tube.

SKU Size PriceQuantity
T13650613 13x6.50-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $17.00
T16650813 16x6.50/7.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [35] $20.00
T18850813 18x8.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [22] $23.00
T250813 2.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T250613 2.50-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T5304506 USE 13x5.00-6 TOPTUBES $13.00
TER14 ER14 (135/145R14) TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $20.00
T25100012 25x8.00-12 / 25x10.00-12 TR13 TOPTUBES [12] $33.00
T750R1613 7.00/7.50R16 TR13 TOPTUBES [15] $30.00
T101115 10/11R15 TR13 TOPTUBES [12] $36.00
T800613 8.00-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [26] $26.00
T10165 10-16.5 TR13 TOPTUBES [12] $46.00
T95L141513 7.5/9.5L-14/15 TR13 TOPTUBES [14] $33.00
T11L1413 11L-14 TR13 TOPTUBES [20] $33.00
T9R15 9R15 TR13 TOPTUBES [14] $33.00
T1215 12R15 TR13 TOPTUBES [9] $56.00
TER10 ER10 (135/145R10)(5.00-10) TR13 TOPTUBES [40] $17.00
T13500613 13x5.00-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $17.00
T136506 13x6.50-6 TR13 TOPTUBES $17.00
TFR12 FR12 (155/165R12) TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $20.00
T145706 USE 15x600-6 TOPTUBES TR13? $17.00
TFR13 FR13 (155/165R13) TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $20.00
T15600613 15x6.00-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $17.00
TFR14 FR14 (155/165R14) TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $23.00
T166508 16x6.50/7.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES $20.00
TFR15 FR15 (155/165R15) TR13 TOPTUBES [25] $23.00
T186508TR13BOXED 18x6.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $20.00
TGR13 GR13 (175/185R13) TR13 TOPTUBES [25] $23.00
T188508 18x8.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [22] $23.00
TGR14 GR14 (175/185R14) TR13 TOPTUBES [25] $20.00
T2010008 20x10.00-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [22] $23.00
TGR15 GR15 (175/185R15)(205/65R15) TR13 TOPTUBES [20] $26.00
T2056013 185-205/60R13 TOPTUBES [20] $26.00
TKR14 KR14 (195/205R14) TR13 TOPTUBES [18] $26.00
T2056014 185-205/60R14 TOPTUBES [20] $30.00
TKR15 KR15 (195/205R15) TR13 TOPTUBES [16] $30.00
T2056015 185-205/60R15 TOPTUBES [18] $30.00
T205R1613 205R16 TR13 TOPTUBES [15] $30.00
T2080010 19x8.00-10 / 20x8.00-10 TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $23.00
T208008 20x8.00-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [22] $23.00
T2156016 215/60R16 (205/55R16) TR13 TOPTUBES [14] $33.00
T221100813 22x11.00-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [14] $26.00
T2280010 21x7.00-10 / 22x8.00-10 TR13 TOPTUBES $26.00
T23105012 23x10.50-12 TR13 TOPTUBES [20] $30.00
T2356014 215-235/60R14 TR13 TOPTUBES [16] $30.00
T2356015 235/60R15 TR13 TOPTUBES [16] $33.00
T2357515 235/75R15 TR13 TOPTUBES [14] $33.00
T238501213 23x8.50-12 TR13 TOPTUBES [20] $26.00
T24110010 24x11.00-10 TR13 TOPTUBES [20] $30.00
T24120012 USE 26x12.00-12 TR13 TOPTUBES $36.00
T2457016 235-245/70R16 TR13 TOPTUBES [15] $33.00
T2480012 23x8.00-12 / 24x8.00-12 TR13 TOPTUBES $33.00
T2490011 24x9.00-11 / 24x10.00-11 TR13 TOPTUBES $33.00
T250413 2.50/2.80-4 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $10.00
T2508 2.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES $13.00
T26120012 26x12.00-12 TR13 TOPTUBES [15] $36.00
T2756517 265-275/65R17 TR13 HEAVY DUTY TOPTUBES [5] $66.00
T2757016 265-275/70R16 TR13 TOPTUBES [12] $43.00
T3008 3.00/3.50-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T40010 4.00/4.50-10 TR13 TOPTUBES [40] $20.00
T40012 4.00/4.50-12 TR13 TOPTUBES [40] $20.00
T400813 4.00-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [40] $17.00
T410350413 4.10/3.50-4 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T410350513 4.10/3.50-5 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T410350613 4.10/3.50-6 TR13 TOPTUBES [50] $13.00
T500813 5.00/5.70-8 TR13 TOPTUBES [35] $20.00
T60016 6.00R16 TR13 TOPTUBES [18] $30.00
T600913 6.00-9 TR13 TOPTUBES [30] $23.00

All prices are inclusive of GST. Toptyres makes every effort to ensure that the images, descriptions and sizes of each product we sell are accurate and up to date. However, products can vary from one manufacturer to the next. If you have particular question about a product call 1800 867 897 or  email us.

Deliveries usually take between 1 and 7 business days, depending on your location and the products purchased. Unless otherwise stated on the website, delivery estimates and dates are just estimates. They are not guaranteed delivery times and should not be relied upon as such. Where estimated delivery times apply, you are still entitled to have the products sent to you within a reasonable time.

Toptyres makes all attempts for accuracy in inventory and freight arrangements however sometimes things such as inventory discrepancies and accuracy in freight arrangements are not guaranteed. Upon placing your order, Toptyres will ensure and confirm within 1 working day stock is available and freight arrangements are accurate for the successful processing of your order via email before dispatch. Orders can be expected to be processed within 2 days of order and standard delivery may take up to 5 working days with exclusion of some rural areas.

Please be aware most courier companies do not accept items over 25kg dead or cubic weight. Our calculator will calculate to 100kgs dead or cubic, any orders in excess will require different freight arrangements and be quoted via our online sales team at

All carriers prefer delivery to commercial premises. For smaller deliveries to residential address will require an Authority to leave goods however larger orders will not be delivered to residential addresses. Deliveries to PO Boxes will not be accepted.

Toptyres has no control over freight services. Once your items are in the hands of the shipping company, we cannot be held liable for any extended delays. In the likes of public holidays, floods, strikes, storms and road closures can further disrupt freight and thus delivery could take longer under these circumstances

If you have any queries regarding your purchase please contact our sales team

Our promise – 14 day money back guarantee

You can return unfitted and unused products sold by Toptyres within 14 days of receipt of delivery for a full refund of the product cost of the item excluding freight costs. If a product is faulty or is damaged when you receive the product return the product as above call 1800 867 897 during business hours or email

If you’re not completely satisfied with your new Toptyres purchase, you are welcome to return it to us at your own cost for a refund of the product value (freight charges will not be refunded). The product must be unused and unfitted in its original packaging. Your rights under this change-of-mind policy are in addition to any rights you have under consumer laws.

For change of mind returns please call 1300 201 290 or email within 14 days of receipt to obtain a return authorisation number.

Goods will not be accepted back without a return authorisation number. Postage must be paid by the returnee and will not be refunded. Please allow 10-14 days for us to receive and process your request. We will notify you via email when we have received your return item. Refunds will be issued in the same manner in which they were originally paid.

All products that are purchased from Toptyres have a 1-year prorata warranty regarding faults or defects resulting from manufacturing. Damage caused by fitting, disassembling or balancing, or improper usage of the Products are not covered by the warranty. All products sold by Toptyres are also covered by manufactures warranties. Each manufacturer has different policies. email for details of a specific manufacturer’s warranties.  

For any warranty claims, the buyer must first have the tyres returned to Toptyres for inspection to determine if the issue is due to manufacturing. If the inspection determines there is a manufacturing issue, compensation will be evaluated from the remaining tread of the tyres, and in the terms of a replacement, or partial refund, which will be determined after inspection.13. Statutory Rights and Remedies

Our cancellation and returns policies apply in addition to other rights and remedies a person may have under law including under the Australian Consumer Law.


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